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Star Wars Necklace Onyx Darth Vader Sterling Silver jZgQMC15
Star Wars Necklace Onyx Darth Vader Sterling Silver
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Download the newest version of rTribe today!

Before we get to the new features, let’s think about the importance of checking-in.

One of the most powerful features of rTribe is the ease of checking-in. Daily check-ins help you in the following ways:

And now we are making checking-in better!

We have added a few key improvements and new features to your check-in experience.

We redesigned the check-in and added a double-verification process so that you can’t accidentally tap that you acted out and lose your sobriety. This was a mistake in the design that we have improved. Now you simply tap Yes or No to whether or not you acted out that day, and then tap “Send” to complete and close the check-in.

Now you can include a little note every time you check-in. This is optional, but it gives you the ability to share your thoughts/feelings with your friends; Like what you are grateful for or what made the day difficult or go well.

Currently the check-in journal updates are public to all your friends. It’s for you to share your thoughts and feelings with your recovery community and should create a stronger group bond.

There is a 300 character limit to the check-in journal. However, it is more space than you might think to write about your day. If you want to write more you can always check-in multiple times in a row and keep writing.

Also during a check-in, you can set your Urge to Act Out Level as low, medium, or high. Sometimes we make it through the day sober but still experience a strong urge to act out. Now you can track this each time you check-in. This optional feature is a nice touch to give more nuance to your check-in experience.

Your Urge to Act Out Level and your Journal will be displayed on the feed for everyone in your tribe to see. If you are using rTribe as a leader, or have people set to ‘Acquaintance”, be aware that they WILL be able to see your urge level and your journals.

We know this is not ideal for every user and we are looking for ways to improve it in the future.

We invite you to consider that by sharing your journal check-ins and your urge to act out level, will serve as an example of vulnerability to your tribe. We believe that healthy vulnerability is a powerful skill. Sharing appropriately during a check-in can show your tribe the good and the challenging aspects of your experience, strength, and hope. If you want to read more about this concept, read the impactful book “Gifts of Imperfection” by .

The feed at the bottom of the homescreen has been a little sparse don’t you think? From the beginning it has felt empty and we’ve been dreaming up how we can change that.

We’ve added in:

It is also a simple tool way for you to use to quickly review how you and your friends have been doing.

There are many great recovery tribes. From 12 Step groups, to inpatient treatment centers and faith-based groups, which many of you are part of. We believe that finding healing in community is at the core of how transformation takes place. The opposite of addiction is connection, not sobriety. That’s why we’ve created a new affiliate screen.

You can access this Affiliates screen when registering a new account or by going to Settings, Profile Info, and tapping on Affiliates. Select which affiliate you are a part of today.

The future of affiliatesWe have exciting ideas on building this feature out more in the future.

Ideally, in the future we have ideas to connect you with content and programs based on the affiliate you are a part of. We want to do that but the first step is to know who is in what kind of tribe so that we can make the most informed decisions.

If there is a significant tribe that you think we’ve missed, let us know at .

Now you can quickly view your progress statistics by taping the progress button (the statistics icon) in the top right of the homescreen, next to the settings button (gear icon). This button also appears on all your friend’s profile screens. We have also added a progress button on the feed of everyone who has given you access to view their progress stats.

If you don’t have friends to help keep you accountable, and aren’t ready to tell someone you know, we can help. We can connect you with friends on rTribe. Ugo Cacciatori brown diamond set ring Metallic 1UFx4uO9K

Stay connected,

Josh, Alex and the rTribe Team

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Unicorns in the Kitchen

Easy family approved recipes from our Kitchen to yours. Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes made easy with fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

» Appetizers » Colcannon Mash (Irish Mashed Potatoes)

By Shadi HasanzadeNemati Leave a Comment

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Colcannon Mash is an easy appetizer that can be made in no time and served with flavorful chicken. Creamy mashed potatoes with cabbage makes for a great combination!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken for . All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? What’s going to be on your menu?

I think potatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients out there. Boiled, grilled, baked:however they are, they taste great! We love potatoes in any shape or form, whether it be homemade cheesy scalloped potatoes , garlic butter mashed potatoes or Yeralma Yumurta – potatoes and eggs . And today I’m introducing another potato combination!

This year we are going to make a basic Irish dish called Colcannon Mash for St. Patrick’s Day and we’re going to serve it with Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken to bring flavorful convenience to our get together. The ingredients for Irish Colcannon mashed potatoes recipe are simple and easy to find: cabbage, potatoes, onion, chives, butter and milk.

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